OCI Instance Console Connection from Windows OS

Problem Statement

Connecting OCI Instance Serial Console using LINUX is easy and well documented.
However very limited documentation exists on how to connect the console from Windows OS.

Oracle Documentation content

Oracle Documentation describes below steps but it is unclear and does not helped to understand exact process for connecting CONSOLE from WINDOWS operating system.

Steps to connect OCI Instance Console from WINDOWS OS

Go to Compute/Instances/Instance Details

Click on “Console Connections” from Resources and “Create Console Connection

Choose SSH Key Files or Paste SSH Keys (Public Key) and Click on “Create Console Connection

New Console connection is created for your instance

Click on “Connect with SSH

Select WINDOWS Platform and “Copy” Connection String

Open Windows PowerShell and set “PUTTY” path
$env:Path += “;C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY”

Copy Private Key to below location

Connect using copied “Connection String

Reboot the instance to validate if console is showing expected output

Check Output in Console

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